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Here at Collect Cryptos we find the best places to go to get free cryptos without spending a cent! Cryptocurrency is the newest asset class that EVERYBODY and their greedy mother is getting into and here is your chance to score some valuable coins or tokens for free. We have tracked down the best wallets to hold your coin stash, micro wallets to use for building up your collection, and the very best crypto faucets that pay out free coins without jerking you around in order to get them. Our site has no banners, ads, or bull$hit just links to the very best places to go if you want to score some coinage free of charge!

Just a word to the wise and the worthy: THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK KINDA DEAL, IT TAKES TIME AND SOME (easy!) WORK in order to get some coins built up. If you wanna hit the big time ASAP I highly suggest you INVEST in BTC, ETH, and LTC. If you do not know what those are yet then scroll down and start learning a bit about the coins first.

I am invested in the afforementioned coins and in an effort to learn about more blockchain I realized there is an obscene amount of free crytpocurrencies being given away all over the internet. I started collecting as a hobby to take up my time and decided I loved it all so much that I am making it my new business venture, aside from my online biz that fuels my investing and allows me plenty of free time to find free coins online.

start you free cryptocurrency collection today and make some FREE money!!!


Cryptocurrency Wallets

Trusted Storage Wallets

Put your coins in these wallets to keep them safe and secure!


BINANCE US (for US citizens)

CoinBase (get $10 in BTC + free cryptos 4 trying it out)


Coinomi (offline storage - very secure compared to online wallets)


Trusted Micro Wallets

Use these wallet sites to build up your own collection.


Dutchy Express Faucet


Coin Staking Wallets

Store or "stake" your cryptos and earn rewards/more coins with these wallets.

ExpressCrypto (stake XTZ, RDD, KMD, TRX, & ADA)

Coinbase (earn/stake XTZ, ATOM, & ALGO)

Binance (stake QTUM, EOS, VET, ONE, XTZ, ATOM & ALGO)

StakeCube (free coins faucets too, find the top left community link to claim)

MyContainer (lots of different staking opportunities on this site)

Cocoricos (another good place to stake and earn more with your cryptocurrencies)


Cryptocurrency Browsers

BRAVE (earn free BAT using it)


Crypto Gambling & Gaming Sites

BC Games (play with cryptos or for FUN/FREE with their in-house currency, live social chat and a free bonus spin everyday, fun slots, blackjack, roulette, and video poker too!)


Spin And Win Faucets

These are standalone free coin faucets that let you play a numbers game sorta like a slot machine, only they are not slots and rarely pay more than the minimums, they are faucets NOT get rich quick machines! Check the minimum withdrw limits as it can take a long time to hit the minimum amount to withdraw to a wallet.



BTC  NEM   Cardano   XRP

Steam   Tether   USDC

Binance   Ethereum   TRX   Dash

LINK   NEO   Litecoin

Free Coin Faucets

Fun BTC Fact - The very first free coin faucet gave away 5 bitcoin at a time, which are worth about a zillion bucks today! Ok more like $235,775+ as of Feb. 2021.


Express Crypto Sites

Here are tons of faucets that only work with the Express Crypto wallet system.

I recommend using the CPX and Thereom offerwall surveys to build claim credits.

Faucet World (one or two surveys and it runs forever for me!)

Dutchy Express Faucet (deposits directly into the EC micro wallet)

Dutchy Final Faucet (works with or without Express Crypto!)

Dutchy Floodgate (do 1 shortlink and it runs for 24 hours)

These are my favorite shortlink auto faucets that I use on a daily basis and my fave shortlinks are the addbull, exeio, and pingit.

Phoenix Faucet

Space Crypto


MCM Auto Faucet


Standalone Free Coin Faucets

Fire Faucet (I suggest using surveys and claiming everything, then exchange for the coin you want to withdraw as they pay in US dollars NOT cryptocurrency bits, you do not get any actual currencies until you withdraw to your wallet)


HORIZEN (claim free ZEN, requires a gmail email account in order to signup)

BTCpop (sign up and then hit their faucets up HERE)



Bitcoin Black (get free Bitcoin Black coins for their coin launch)(drops start at 1,000,000 signups and it is almost to 900K as of feb. 18th 2021)

Cocoricos (nice place to find free currencies via air drops/giveaways)



MyContainer Drop$ (even more free giveaways to grab some coins)


Coin Mining Sites

WARNING: actual coin mining can tear up your computer and BLAST your electric bill to the moon, I tried it for 48 hours and moved on to greener pastures.

BEWARE: lots of cloud mining sites offer "free" mining and then ask you to send "fees" before paying you, and you most likely will NEVER get paid in the end IE there are lots of scams in cryptocurrency with it's popularity growing by leaps and bounds every day! MINER BEWARE ;-)

I currently am not comfortable reccomending and cloud mining sites as I have no idea if they actually payout or not yet...

All Coins (the only mining I did was here, they have a mining pool you can take part in as well as easy browser mining choices)(there are some good free coin faucets on the site too!)




Have no fear I'm here to help you build your free crytpocurrency collection as fast as possible without ever spending any money whatsoever!

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